the aftermath of missing out on alot of stuff…

I dunno why i have nthing much to post about nowadays. Hmmm.
Anyway, the family will be coming to my place this wednesday. Hehehe.
And I love the menu (:
Mee soto. To die for, pls. Haha.
Auntie Lin keeps bugging me to invite (he who shall not be named). And i keep telling her,
“Auntie Lin suke ehhhhhh??????? Hahahhahaa”
Lol. it’s like i lost my mojo for typing loads of stuff or smth. hmmmmmm.
Actually i’m waiting for QOB to signal me to go to the bus stop. ROBBOBQOB is going for breakfast today! and after that watching yes man! πŸ˜€
Oh yes, we are ROBBOBQOB.
Farie is ROB: Reign Of Bitch
I am BOB: Bag Of Bones
Liyana is QOB: Queen Of Bitch

give us a break. we’re bums. ultimate bums. heeee.

*Moment Of realisation*
I’m turning 17 this friday.
fast or what?!
I dunno why but i feel scared =
but you know, i think it’s kinda good cos it signifies another level of maturity and i get wiser. I think? Haha

till next time, sexy people.


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