(sings balik kampung)

I tried uploading ALL the photos in my blog. but i figured it was taking too long so i guess you’ll be able just to see some photos in the post. The rest will be posted in my facebook, and my photobucket account. I’ll post up my photobucket link when i’ve finished uploading (: cos apparently flickr cant hold much pics in a month. So yeah.

So I’ll squeeze in everything in this post. Yes, the 7 days. MUAHAAHAHAHHAHA!


woke up at 5:30 and zombied to shower. we all set to go. by 6:10 we were off to the airport. met my family members at the budget terminal. I was sleepy and hungry. So everybody arrived and we were all set to check in our baggages. and lemme tell u, there were A LOT of bags. it was like, MANY MANY MANY MANY bags. the lady at the counter had to check the passports of the people who were going. my aunt was holding the passports so it’d be easier for the lady to check everyon in by their family. My aunt made sure everyone’s passport was accounted for, again, to make the lady’s job easier. she found my cousin’s (who wasnt going) passport instead of my aunt’s. she then alerted my aunt. and the panic began…

she took the wrong passport. it was an hour before we had to be at the gate. she had to rush home and get the right passport. unfortunately, she lived in jurong. it takes 30 mins to get there and get back. by then, she wasnt able to enter. therefore, she couldnt go. such drama early in the morning. we reached 55 mins later. Had a good laugh in the plane cos the steward and stewardesses spoke in a really funny accent and their diction was really poor. LOL. the journey from minang airport to galuang, bukit tinggi took about 2 hours. i slept. hehehhe. and on the way we went to eat at aie badarun food house. AAHHH. seriously. anything there, i can eat. and i wont stop. after lunch we headed back home at galuang. because our house was located at a high altitude (on a mountain) the place was reallly reeeallly cooooooooooool. like air con 24/7. as always we started shopping that day itself. i got tired and sleepy….. hahahhaha. ate pisang kepit! wooo. love it. and drank avocado juice. it wasnt very nice though. cos all i could taste was sugar. LOL. and thennnn we went home and Auntie Yan cooked us dinner. Ate like a pig. As always… I enjoyed my food man. then by 9, everyone was like zzzzz. so we slept.


woke up for prayers and slacked. showered and then had breakfast. i think that morning we ate lontong. LONTONG WAS LIKE WOAHH! it was lontong padang. ONLY THE BEST. Rawr. after that went to shop at bukit tinggi again. the mothers sopping. I just followw only. hehehehe. funny incidents happened. like mummy’s satay incident. hahahha. very vague. i cant remember.

aiya sian. i’ll just say all the interesing things that happened. Papa got stuck in the toilet. damn funny. i witness a lying beggar. so yah. all the funny stuff. and basically i went back old school. no showerheads. cold water. candles

creepy crawlies. dogs. cats. ducks. chickens. handsome minang boys. little kids. bumpy roads.
it was a good holiday i guesss. I survived 4 days without company. so yeah. I had fun. good getaway (:

the pics are here: http://s476.photobucket.com/albums/rr130/tiaradusqie/balik%20kampung/?albumview=slideshow

Look and see! alot of nice scenery that u cant get in singapore. Serious. hehe

till then

PS: I’ll be celebrating my birthday on new year’s eve with my family. friends are also invited. Since i’m lazy to make invitations and stuff, i’ll just make it an open invitation. if u wanna come, come. dont wanna come, fine by me. to those who are interested, just update me if u’re interested to attend. it’s after 7 =) as always, good food, fun people. presents are not necessary. your PRESENCE is already a huge PRESENT to me. hehe.


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