Hey mates.

went to celebrate Liyana’s birthday today!
watched angus, thongs, and perfect snogging. REALLY GOOD SHOW.
hahah. for girls i mean. girls can swoon at almost ALL THE GUYS featured in that show man.
That’s what we girls did ^_^v

After the movie we went for dinner at swensens. hehehe.
And we sang Liyana superly loud birthday song.
Everyone literally stopped to listen… Ahhhh… Interesting.
Oh and I got my windbreaker today.
For the week’s stay at my homeland, up in the mountains.
Dad told me to get one cos apparently it’s kinda drizzly back in Bukit Tinggi.
Settled for a dope Puma one. Which i got a discount for…. hehehhehe.
And it was a discount by the dude himself… not under sale items…
Hahha. It’s either i charmed him, or he just felt sorry for me that i had to get the last piece. Either way, I’M HAPPY
Lazy to talk.

bye. Haha


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