Haha the last time i checked I graduated secondary school

Soo. It rained the whole day today. really gloomy. Good weather to sleep. Hehehe.
Anyway, spent the whole day at home slacking. Around 4:30 i got ready to gof or Dhab’s bbq. I took a long long long time to get ready cos i didnt know what to wear. LOL. Sorry Liyana. hahhaa. Reached Dhab’s place at around 5:45 and we hung around at the bbq pit. There was great food, and great fun. Hehe.

You all might be thinking why the hell am i going to Dhab’s bbq.
well, I admire her drive to fix back a dented friendship we once had. Sometimes i feel guilty for not even trying.
But really, i appreciate it =) three of us shared stories and laughed, as always. And helped carry some stuff for the bbq. nothing much to type about. except the lame jokes Liyana and I made. really stupid. Hahahahah.
I apparently turned as red as the shirt as i wore today, according to Liyana. Hahaha.
Right QOB? Yah. She gave me a new nickname. Hello, I’m BOB.
Bag Of Bones. -.-
She’s Queen Of Bitch.
we came up with this: ROBBOBQOB (Robocop but retarded version)
So now farie has to have ROB. but what cld ROB mean… Hmmm

Not intending to write much tonight. So yah.

Humour me with your childish thoughts. I, for one, find it soo funny.
I’ve never heard something like that since ages ago.
And what do you know, primary school thinkers still do exist in an older person’s body.
hmmm. Interesting.

two words man.
give it yr best shot haha


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