Slacker Numero Uno.

I woke up at 12. NYAHAHA. I was tired. I just realised something. Yesterday I only talked about the Twilight Movie, I didnt talk about the dinner at JB. Haha. So here goes. Well yesterday I was in a snappy mood. In a sense that I felt like taking alot of pictures. and Not necessarily people. Haha. I took pictures of random things. So yesterday we all went out to JB to eat seafood at a kelong. Really cool. I ate this thing called Bamboo something… It’s like a shellfish, but it’s in a bamboo shape.  Ahh whatever. It was actually in accordiance to Kak Dira and Abang Zali’s 4 year Wedding Anniversary! hehehe. I wanted to post alot of pictures. Cos i took pictures of the chilli crab… And the mess we made after we ate. Heheh. but Apparently upoading pics in wordpress is really time consuming and boring. So yah. I’ll figure another way to let you guys see the pictures. till then

xoxo, the one who’ll forever love muse and twilight,



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