Farie, Liyana and I officially declare today Random Day! 😀

Welll. To start off, yesterday night (or in the weee  hours of Dec 10th), Liyana and I were discussing of going out.
And the first place we thought of- CHINATOWN!
Thats random thing number one. but we decided not to cos we didnt know what was there.
Soooooooo we finally decided on going to suntec to just walk around.
In the morning, Farie was online so we dragged her along to enjoy Random Day.
So all three of us celebrated Random Day together! Lol.
Random thing number two only applied to me, because somebody unexpected texted me.
Random thing number three; as Liyana and i entered the mrt train, I saw someone sitting down at the priority seat near the door.
I saw his headphones…..
IT WAS RAZI! 😀 😀 😀 😀 hahahhahahaha.
How random can that be man. So I said Hello! to Razi and so did Liyana. Then I turned to Liyana and said “Omg. Today is fated to be Random Day!” hahaha. Talked to Razi in the train. And turns out he’s going to city hall too! And headed to the same destination at city hall- Suntec. LOL. I know, very coincidental, very random. In the train, we saw another random thing. We saw this dude with SUPER blue hair. I know, its only courteous not to laugh. But i couldnt help it! I tried to contain my laughter. And so did Razi. Haha. Cos there were soooo many people, we were sort of seperated. hahahhaa. Then we met Farie. And we hung out with Razi for awhile till we decided to go jalan jalan. Parted frm Razi and we girls had our own random moments. Hehehe.

Liyana and I got pretzels. And we accompanied Farie eat at MacDs. After alot of talk, and slacking, i introduced the girls to Yami Yoghurt. They love it! 😀 Wooooo! hahaha. I will bring them there more often. hehehe.
So we walked back to the mrt station while savouring our frozen yoghurts. In the train, I met my neighbour. random? Hahah. so we girls laughed, and talked, and made nonsense jokes as usual. I, came up with anther fusion word. I wanted to say “Kekek” and “Merepek” all at the same time. So I ended up with saying “Krepek”. Sometimes I wonder how i come across these kind of random words….

Sooo at simei we parted with Farie. Liyana and I took 39 home. And I started to get all loony in the bus =

THAT WAS RANDOM DAY! And to wrap up this post about Random Day…..











So bottom line, I enjoyed today! 😀
Spent time with my girls, Met Razi 😀 Saw random people.
I’m happy.
Alhamdulillah =)
My girls know why. And I know why.
(Ok i have to STOP smiling)

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