Soooooooo. Hari Raya Haji yesterday was cool- and I mean literally. It rained the whole day. And I took naps in between when Dad and I were waiting for mum to finish cleaning up the house. HEEHEHE. After Mum woke me up from my nap around 2, I got up to pray and slipped into my baju kurung. Then we made our way to Granny’s place. Finally saw Aryssa and Aniqa! And I have a new nickname for Aryssa- B.O.F (Blob of Fat) HAHAHAH. I mean it in a good way. In a sense that she’s soooooooo chubby that i cant stand it. It’s like I wanna pinch her cheeks until she cries. LOL. =P no lah. maybe B.O.F doesnt sound cute. But here’s another one Del made up- Aryssa Bam Bam (pronounciation: Bum Bum) Cos she’s really TEMBAM. hence bam bam. She has like NO NECK. yes, that’s how chubby she is. Haaaa. And Aniqa was chatty yesterday! She even wore lipgloss. Love her dress. heh.

yesterday was ‘fill yourself with food’ day. And I was contented. Cos There was free flow of food. I didnt even need to open nenek’s fridge! hehe! there were loads of food. Roti kirai, sup tulang, lontong, ketupat (instant ones. lol), RENDANG, kuah ayam. like WOAH! overload of food, much. Which i enjoyed btw. The hunger sunk in when i reached home. Lol. I ate tulang twice. Ketupat with rendang twice. OH. i forgot. I ate alot of kueh kaswi my Aunt (Who lives at the block beside mine) made. Damn nice ah. Rawr. I want more! haha.

An interesting fact, my little cousins think that the things i go through are really interesting….
And i tell them “Chill man. Secondary school just gets better….”

As Kanye West sang in his song,
I’m Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.

Your one and only always hungry,


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