Ok that was a short ‘hold on’ but I’m back.

Ahh. The one I’ve been waiting for. As I’ve guessed, a very brave person would have commented on my post AFTER the event. Why? To pick out my mistakes, and my flaws.

1) I’m disgusting? Really? Look on the bright side, buddy. I’m not half as bad as the people out there. If you can’t take criticism then i say, you cant survive in the real world.

2) I have to agree that they had the guts to step up to make an event. And I admit, kudos to them. I’ve said it before, and I’m gonna say it again. If you wanna argue with me saying that they put in effort, I wont deny it. Really, I dont. Cos I know how hard it is to plan such an event, and I know how hard it is to make sure people attend it. But in a sense of effort, with a group like them, they should be planning dinners like the one in a nicer venue. I’ve worked with them before, i do not doubt their abilities. This was just a setback (IN MY EYES) to them. Cos I know they’re capable of planning something more than what they did.

3) God gave me a mouth. I use it. And I use my mouth to use the correct command of english. I make sense. And i use my gift of speech with wit. If you cant take it, I’m sorry. Why? Cos many are still living even with my straightforwardness.

4) Question. IS THERE ANY PART OF MY POSTS WHICH INDICATES THAT I’M HIGH CLASS? Or did you just assume that? better still, infer that? I’m just like any of you out there. Probably the reason why you think I’m high class or acting like some big fuck is cos I dress like one, and I talk like one. But it doesnt mean i AM one. I like looking good. And I wouldnt have looked as good if it werent for my gfs. You know what? I’ll actually take that as a compliment. Thanks for saying I’m aย high class person. Means I dressed well. And I made a very lasting impression with simplicity.

5) I dont even wanna talk about your point about my pimples. Because I dont care. I’ve had them since i was 11. I actually grew into them. If you were out to insult me by that, i only got 2 words for you, buddy. TRY HARDER.

6) I didnt get the part about where you said something about the plastic chair melting.. Maybe you didnt get what i mean. (Thus far, I think you never got what my post meant at all)

7) Exaggerating? I only haveย two words to introduce to you. METAPHORS and SIMILES.

8) Facial hair? If you’re talking about my eyebrows, again, I do not feel insulted. I have thick eye brows. And I have no intention of shaping it or whatever. I’m thankful for what God has given me. I dont care if it’s bushy. Seriously, I do not want to look like everybody else, with overly shaped eyebrows. I’m in a cookie cutter society. And I’m not intending to join them. Exaggeration? Nope. You figure it out.

9) You dont want to compare yesterday’s event to the NUSS one. I’m serious. Don’t try and don’t as for it. Cos i bet you when you find out how different the Suntec one is, you’d wanna swallow all the things you commented on my post. It’s like inhumane. It’s like licking back what you threw up. Now that, my friend, is disgusting.

10) The ‘disgusting’ thing is like lamposts. I just walk past them and not care. Respect others? Hmmmm. In my whole four years in sec school, i’ve devoted myself to respect people. 85% of the people, take it for granted. If you want respect, earn it. Haha. Such a hypocrite you are. “TIARA IS A RUDE PERSON, tho i didnt talk to you”

Exactly. You dont know me. You dont even talk to me. Observation, is like reading the books of covers. Might look like shit, but you don’t know how much better the content is. You want to know who knows me? Ask my pals. My close friends. One thing for sure, they’ll say. “Tiara is a bitch” And I, for one, take that as a compliment. Unlike being the usual bitches, I think with my brains and not my ass. So you figure it out. Figure out what kind of person I really am. Since you’re sooooo good at it. Cos just by observing you can tell what kind of person I am. And err. I’m so sorry for disappointing you? I’m done satisfying others. Being nice is one thing. But then again, it’s every man for himself in the world. Satisfy others, and you’ll never be able to satisfy yourself. Male freak with Male features. I feel so sorry for you. God gave you eyes and you see me as a guy. I admit, I am boisterous. I am loud. I like sports. Somewhat like a guy. But sex wise. I am a girl. Just to clear that doubt of yours. And my male like features? I can’t argue that i have long hair. cos most guys nowadays have long hair… And I cant argue that I’ll show you I dont have balls cos I have dignity. So simply. My name is Tiara Surya Dusqie. I dont have a binte cos my Dad doesnt want it. I love my name. I love myself. And until you find a dude named TIARA, I suggest you think before you comment.

So bottom line is. you dont know me. You dont know the kind of person I am. You dont know my life stories. And if you wanted to comment about how rude i was at the event. Just keep it as that. Cos the whole personal attack thing has got nothing to do with the event at all. Heck, it didnt even make sense. My pimple face? My high class attitude? My guy like features? (Which i still dont get,btw) really I am not one bit insulted or feel broken or hurt by it. It’s like I have a reflective surface for these kind of irrelavant, senseless and childish insults. My friends know how to insult me and break me apart. Why? Cos THEY KNOW ME. You dont. So yah.

But anywaaaay, Thank you for expressing your comments and your thoughts and feelings about my attitude and the event. I appreciate it. I have to say, I’ve been anticipating a comment since the day i posted it. funny how people only responded to farie’s blog and not mine. I’ve guessed as much that somebody was gonna comment AFTER the event. And I got it. So, thank you for letting me reach my goal =) and Farie and I prangai busok? Sorry, we dont entertain insults in malay. We talk sense, we make sense. You cant accept it, too bad. Farie’s just every bit the same as me. She knows me inside out. I dont think she’ll be affected either. Dont get us wrong, We have hearts. Hearts just like everyone of you people out there. The only difference is, we choose to whom and what that can break it. But for this, i think we have a forcefield to block all of it out.

It’s like taking a picture of yourself in the mirror with the flash on. The light doesnt absorb in. It reflects. We’re the mirrors. Basic Physics =)

Again, Thanks for your comment! =D

“Haven’t you heard? We’re the crazy bitches around here”
– Blair Waldorf; Gossip Girl


5 thoughts on “Ok that was a short ‘hold on’ but I’m back.”

  1. whatever it is. it reflects on what kind of person you are. have you ever heard of first impression counts. never ive seen you like this, girl. maybe i dont know you inside out but your attitude + behaviour gave me a rough ketch of what kind of person you are. one word: CHURLISH!!!

    facial hair as in those that grew on your cheek, soo hhairy. and not many girls have those.. soo be proud of it. k. actually no point ahs kalau nk kutok. sooo yea.

    actually i find your counterback post is wayyyy merepek lahh.

    you only potray yrself as an ANGEL when with yr friend.. duh~~ thats why prangai tak disgusting! but seriously you are rude. sooo you aree saying that the VIP doesnt deserve the respect from you? what if your mom giving a speech and the ppl just heck care and let her be like a fool on stage. are you tellin gme that you have heart? WAIT! you said it! you do have heart. but ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORD. heh!

    you anticipated that the NUSS event gonna be a better one. then heck care. why would you want to bragg about this event plastic chair melt whatevershit. its better to keep you bloodyhell mouth shut cos if you keep on going like this. i ASSURE you that one day you are in deep trouble. pasal mulot badan binase. heard that before? sure right!

    the lease you could do is being humble. get it?

    having pimple at 11.. puberty starts. MATURITY? GROW UP KID!

    let me use my inference skills to infer the motive of your post:

    your just want to compare and INSULT between the 2 event. which is better? for one thing.. why cant you keep it to yrself. yes, you blog, your say. but you are publicizing it. its the same if people were to compare your boops with some other girls boops and say that yours is flat chested basterd and the other one have tetek and publicizing in on their blog. whouldnt feel the pain? for sure you do, right?! dont deny it.

    what goes around, comes around my girl. maybe this time is your time but im sure you’ll get yr turn nx tyme. say out loud that you can face the challenge.. cos for heck i care!


  2. Hey, Xueshen from TPRawks hahaha Green4. But anyway, I’ve been “stalking” your blog and I like your straightforwardness and I like your post. It’s strong and okay I just kinda like it. Like what you said, no one can judge a book by its cover. You go!

    1. Why, Thank you Xueshen! ๐Ÿ˜€ I appreciate it. Heh. Green 4… I’m in green 3. hahahha. I like it that you like it! hahaha. Catch up soon with the other greenies kay? xoxo

  3. Yes yes please! I missed the Sentosa outing that week ugh! We need more ha ha are you going for the Open House? And also, “Be who you are and say what you feel cos those who mind dont matter, and those who matter dont mind.” AGREED FULLY!

  4. Hahha! Actually the sentosa outing was a wreck lah. Many people didnt come, so u didnt miss much. hehe. Yes! I’m going! And hopefully I’m going for jam n hop too! ๐Ÿ˜€ LOL!

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