haha. I dont need a thesaurus for this.

I’m still awake. Haha. Anyway. Happy Hari Raya Aidiladha! 😀

I wanted to say this earlier, but it slipped my mind.

Soooo. To end this mumbo jumbo drama mama, i only have one thing to say. and one thing only.



Be who you are and say what you feel cos those who mind dont matter, and those who matter dont mind.


Sure as hell, I didnt need a thesaurus or dictionary.com to say that.
Have a pleasant night, everyone.

your one and only,


2 thoughts on “haha. I dont need a thesaurus for this.”

  1. what i said was ALL true isint it? soooo.. the lease thing you can do is a sincere apology.. im sure that will not worsen the relationship between you and them.

    i cant force you koz im not you. the only person in this world who can make the decision is you, yourself.

    aku taknk kutok kau ke ape. koz its raye..
    whatever it is.. tiara.. i hopr to see a better you. and pls. nxt time becarefull of what you are doing. seriously.

  2. Hey An person. Funny how we’re all awake at the same time. Haha. Anyway. I still dun get the part where u said “What i said was ALL true isnt it?” What did you say? Hmmm. Dude/ Dudette, Honestly. I tell you. If you wanted an apology, or if THEY wanted an apology. I would have given it to them or you. really. If you didnt like the way i misjudged the event, You could have said just that, and backed it up by how one sided my post was, or how rude i was or whatever i did that was wrong. IF you had said that, I would have at least said “I’m sorry man” But then you decided to go another step and made it a personal attack. And now i dont see a reason why I should apologise anymore. Maybe my mistake was criticising the event. But yours was to blow the chance of getting that apology you really really wanted out of me. And I appreciate the fact that you said you hope to see a better me. I dunno if u mean it. but if u do, then thanks. But really. All u had to say was to tell me that my post was not really nice or smth. Or come up to me online and tell me that it wasnt nice of me to have done such a post, or whatever. You were THIS close to get an apology man; Until u got personal. I dont see a point in apologising when I dont mean it. I’d love to apologise to you dude. but the way you asked for it took that thought away man. You’ve stated your peace, I’ve stated mine. That’s just how i feel to the way to reacted to the post. Really. If only you just used the post against me, and not get personal. You wouldve gotten your apology. I guess u dug your own grave hence not being able to get that one simple word from me. But anyway, it’s been a long day. Happy Hari Raya AidilAdha to u too.

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