When randomness strikes!

OK sooooo. I’m here at 8 pm. Well. I’m bored. I bet you guys can sense that right? Anyway, today i cycled to tmart to rent the indonesian movie, Oh Baby. Well… It was pretty cliche. But anyhoos. The girl was really pretty, and the dudes were good looking. Heee. Got some nail polish. When i reached home i realised I didnt have enough nail polish remover. Luckily for me, Liyana wanted to return her library books so i joined her. I had to return my overdue books too. Got myself some nail polish remover and we went to get my headband for tomorrow. Woo.

I reached home and did a french manicure for myself. Well, it doesnt look perfect, but it worked anywaaaay. Heee.
Now that the polish is dry, I’m here blogging.

Anyhoooooooooooooooooos, this is a reply to Farie’s post about the fling thing. Haha.
WEEEELLLLLL, as I said to L earlier (which i’m gonna tell you after you pray), Y is in the lead.
I kinda treat him as a really good buddy. He’s in the lead cos, well, We ALL know him very well (I dont wanna totally give away here. Haha) But i dunno. Still confused. It’s hard! I mean when everything just smacks you right in the face.
It’s like, stressful. Haha. So be glad if just one dude comes at one time. (winks) right, L? Dont worry, Hun. I’m still waiting for the other guys to tell us it’s just a joke. Cos i think its unbelievable to even be true!

hahaha. And ENNNOOO! Have fun at Japan ok! KAWAIINEHHH to as many Jap dudes and chicks there for me!
Take care and dont come back all Anime-ish! hahaha. xoxo


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