Yes people, I am back. The Chalet was awesome! Haha. I was Yusrin’s wife for a day. HAHAHAHA.
I had fun irritating Liyana by acting all Wifey towards Yusrin. Ok actually Farie was also disgusted HAHA.
So fun. Lol. We didnt do much ah. We just took pictures, cooked, laughed, gossiped… All the usuals.
At arnd 12 something the girls and guys went to bathe in our seperate rooms. I have to say, the toilet was damn creepy ah! It was big, looked sort of disgusting and very creepy. So we set up a plan. One girl showered in the tainted cubicle, while another sat outside of that cubicle and facing the other direction.
And the other girls sat outside. Yes, we were that scared, and that place was that freaky. After everyone was clean and smelt good, we gathered in the girls room and we watched 2 movies using my laptop and Syed’s speakers. We watched 21 and Vantage Point. At 5:30 we waited for those who could pray to do their morning prayers after which we went to walk to changi point hoping to catch the sunrise. But we didnt. Lol. All of us were hungry already so we ate our breakfast at changi village. That was a scrumptious breakfast.

We went back to the chalet and started packing. All of us were half dead. Zombies to be exact. Cleaned up a little and by 9 the girls went off. reached home, showered, and crashed.
I enjoyed myself man, 4e2 08 rocks!

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