Bitchfit in progress. AND I LIKE IT.

first and foremost, if this hurts or offends anyone in any way, I apologise. I appreciate stepping up to make the whole thing up. But honestly, I dont really care =)

This is a follow up to my best gf’s post at http://farierose.wordpress.com

Firstly I wanna show u smth.


This is a photo of my cousin’s prom at swissotel.
As you can see, the whole ballroom is big and they have tables which have their names assigned to it.
Amazing, aint it? I always imagined my prom night, or graduation dinner to be like that.
But unfortunately not.
Again, I emphasise, I refuse to call it prom because its not. It’s at a CC which is located 50 metres away from my religious class centre.
The sole reason I paid 8 bucks for it is because… I have my reasons. Heck, my friends and i have our reasons. dont worry, we arent gonna ask people to crash it or anything like that. face it, we’re not that mean =)

If you read this, or my lovely, and honest gf, farie’s wordpress, and u feel really mad and insulted.
I know what you’re gonna say.
You’re gonna say that…

1) we dont appreciate the hard work you’ve done
2) we shdnt be complaining cos you’re the ones who had the balls and the extra effort to make this thing happen
3) if we werent interested why did we even buy the tickets

Trust me, i can come out with more than that.
Talking about effort. If you really have the effort you claim to have, why a CC?
Why a CC when there’s another group who actually found a place at the NUSS Guildhouse?
And you wanna talk about effort? I say thats pure BULL.
I’ve wasted 20 minutes rambling and I’m getting bored.

Oh, wear something really classy to a CC. I bet you’d look so hot that the plastic chairs in the CC melt.
and of course, the 6 inch make up. I’ll bring candles to put on your cakey faces.
And i’ll also bring a mini vacuum so i can vacuum the dust before it gets caught in your fake lashes.
and I’ll bring shades to protect my eyes from the ugly blonde, dyed hair the guys have.
I’m all about being prepared, angels.
You either sense the sarcasm, or see it.
If you wanna see it, you have 4 more days till it appears.

You know you love me


8 thoughts on “Bitchfit in progress. AND I LIKE IT.”

  1. you guys are such a disgusting bunch of people. seriously.

    siak uhs. CC kirekan da baek sial. aku rase kalau kau plan.. pat bawa kolong blog uh. and that sapee? rosefarie.. siak uh. prangai busok sia..
    and seriously i find that you are wayyyy rude! you came. you did. and when the vip gave their speech.. what do you do? heh! talking to other members and face back to the guest. SOOO RUDE! SERIOUSLY! im dissapointed in you. sooo it goes to show that youre nt happy koz it was held at cc. whats the real point of grad nyte heh? SOOO YOURE TELLING ME youre high class of person? heh! to me the venue dosnt really matter.. if youre kept criticizing the event. i hope that those pimple on yr face will errupt like those holly volcano like how you wore those hot dress which “melt” those cc PLASTIC chair. heh! its a chair btw, meant for sitting.

    HA HA! TAK KLA KA ONE TIME!! youre good in exaggerating!

    talk sooo much! i burn your facial hair then you noe! make you worse than those caveman! heh! seriously i want to see if the event there is great or not? NUSS? *rolls eye to tiaras facial hair + pimple karat*

    disgusting people will always be disgusting and need to learn how to respect others..

    TIARA IS A RUDE PERSON! tho i didnt talk to you.. i observe you. heh! such person you are! tsk tsk tsk! sooo dissapointed in you, male-freak- with-male-feature!

  2. An, with all due respect (which is non-existent), you’re making yourself looking like a fool.

    You resort to talking shit about the way she looks when you actually dislike the way she talked about the whole Grad Night thing.

    How mature.

    And do everyone a favour here. Go read some English books. Your command of the English language needs help. SERIOUS HELP.

  3. Precious time wasted writing the whole comment when it could have been used to expand your vocabulary and correct your sentence structure instead. I got bored reading it halfway through due to the really bad usage of English.

    You’ll never escape from the hands of Grammar Nazis on the net, really. Especially when you are trying to flame people on the net. You know what? A person trying to insult another without proper grasp of English is just as good as listening to a CAVEMAN. No sense put into your speech. All I see are just defamatory remarks made to get back at Tiara. And it all revolves around image.

    Just so you know, you can say WHATEVER you want about Tiara but I am sure she would not be bothered about it. I mean who would when you have such great, uber-some friends ehs?

    Oh. One more thing. Learn to accept friends for who they are. Not what they look like. Or what they are. You really need help there. Too much emphasis on image. A way too overboard.

  4. I second all that Afiq said. “Fool” is an understatement.

    “i hope that those pimple on yr face will errupt like those holly volcano like how you wore those hot dress which β€œmelt” those cc PLASTIC chair,” that makes absolutley no sense. From the “holly volcano” to your understanding about the chairs, haha! What a comedic relief! And couldn’t you find better provebs, similies, metaphors or personifications?

    English is the working language of the world but why would you care you are too caught up getting pissed and 2 basically angst-filled teens. Wow, that must be a hell lot of fun. Yet, I agree that we both are glad that you are willing to give us your time! Cuz we got nothing but time, we’re only 16.

  5. Oh, the hypocritical arse has appeared once more.
    It’s okay, learn not to take criticism for your work done.
    It’s okay, you’ll be in denial.
    It’s okay, nobody will be to blame if you can’t take criticism.
    It’s okay, things will turn out fine as long as you don’t blame yourself.
    It’s okay, lay the faults on others and use your own faults to bring out the shit in others.

    It’s okay, it’s okay.
    At least I appreciate your effort.

    Such a hypocrite, am I not?

    Stoop lower and much more lower with your incessant insults to features of other people, rather than their actions. Go on, I’m waiting to humour myself with your redundant words of rebuttal.

    I am hereby convinced that such pathetic fools such as yourself still do exist.
    If this is what the education system in Singapore does for you, I sincerely worry what it will bring for your child.

    And yes, the education system of Singapore did wonders for me, as you can see.

    And if you figured it out, I’m doing exactly what you are doing, shooting you down around the bush with no relating factors to the prom or whatsoever.
    Sounds like bullshit?

    That’s what you did too.


  6. I thought this post was all about the prom night?

    You people need to learn to link back to the topic and stop insulting other people INTELLIGENCE.


    1. Hello Someone! Thanks for dropping by (: Anyway, may i know, who is your comment targeted at? I’m just curious, haha. Hmm. Well, I appreciate yr comment but let’s all drop it okay? It’s all done. So there’s no point bickering and talking about what’s past (: but thanks for coming πŸ˜€

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