The Thin Line Between Jokes and Insults


Yesterday the malay dudes and us girls went to bowl.
My first time bowling. True enough, I sucked. LOL.
It was really fun watching everyone play bowling.
Apparently Liyana’s really good at it… So is Yusrin….
And Faiz (Big) and Farhan…
For me, I lost with pride.. I was doing quite good in the first round. I even did a strike ar! But I sucked in the 2nd round. I must’ve lost my mojo or smth. The bowling ball kept going into the longkang T.T HAHAHA. After bowling i didnt join them to eat at East Point.
I went home to rest for a little while and i met Midzi to head down to school to see the band.
Watched Stay Alive, which was kinda freaky. But it wasnt that bad. Got pissed.
And I thought that was it. But No. Before i get to that part…

The girls and I went to Liyana’s house for a movie marathon. I stayed for three, while Farie stayed for two.
Together, we watched 2 movies; The December Boys and The Messengers. (Messengers being the horror one.. Which Liyana hardly watched….)
Hahha. Farie and I had fun screaming like lunatics when the ghosts came out. Both of them were laughing at my horrified screaming face. According to them, I looked like The Mummy- when he was screaming and letting the wasps out of himself. Just.. Go watch The Mummy. Hahaha. December Boys was…. Interesting.. I think? After that Farie had to go, so Liyana and I watched Over Her Dead Body. It’s quite funny. So today was a slack day. Stuffed myself with potato chips, apple tea, skittles, chocolates, and toffees.
(Damn, I must start blading again)
Speaking of blading. I still havent had enough coonfidence to roam around in my blades again.
Well, roam around as in blading to pasir ris park and back home. After the fall I was kinda traumatised.
And that was like 4 mths ago?


Sometimes i still feel the sting. Haha. But I have to start sooner or later.

Ok enough of happy tiara. Now back to the main reason why I actually wanted to blog in the first place and the main, sole reason for the title of the post.
I admit. I’m a joker. With that, I also admit that sometimes I tend to make jokes and say funny stuff that I dont mean. To whoever I have done this to, and you feel insulted by it, I apologise. As far as I’m concerned, whenever I call Yusrin ‘chicken’ or Liyana a bitch or Syed irritating, it’s either cos I’m really being sarcastic and really joking, or its mainly true. For example, when I call Yusrin ‘chicken’, I’ll always use it in the right time and context, like when we’re talking about something related to chicken and the whole atmosphere was sarcastic and funny. And after I do, I’ll apologise and say I’m joking. And he gets it. Ask Yusrin now if you want. I hardly call him ‘Chicken’ anymore cos there’s no reason for me to do so. How about Liyana being a bitch. Clearly, She knows she’s one. And When she tells me “I hate you” and I reply “I hate you too, L” she knows that I dont hate her, and that I thank God she’s as bitchy as she is cos it makes her personality really fun. Being a bitch is Liyana, and she’s my bitchy gf, she knows I’m just joking around as she does with me. Fariha’s bitchy too. She talks like a pro. She bitches like a pro. Heck, all of us do. Yeah we say mean stuff. But somehow, the things we say make more sense than what all other girls gossip about. And Syed being irritating, Well thats 100% true. Why would I make up something like that? Right 4e2 08?

To call someone fake is a bit too much. Yeah, I may talk alot and seem like I have a heart of stone and all. But the matter of fact is, I dont. I’m like any mortal out there who has feelings. Jokes are jokes. And it’s funny. However, it’s not exactly funny when you say my smiles are cut and paste and because of that, it makes my smile fake. I have to agree that my smiles do look similar in pictures where i smile. But how many smiles can someone have? Show teeth and dont show teeth? The rest are either funny faces or candid shots. I dont think thats substantial enough to claim that my smile is fake. If you think its really ‘HAHA’ funny, I didnt sense one bit of a funny tone in it. I think too much? Excuse me, friend. Abit abit I can take. You’ve crossed the line with your so called ‘funny’ comments about me.

And another thing, if you think me taking Psychology Studies in Temasek Poly is stupid, I dont think you’re fit enough for me to call you my friend. Just because you fall asleep in your lectures about elective Psychology in your own school, doesnt mean I’ll hate it as much as you do. If i did hate it, why would I go for it in the first place? Yeah, my PL from TPRAWKS who takes Psychology says Psychology is hard to study and there’re alot of things to memorise and stuff, it’s not like it’s impossible. In everything that you do, there’s bound to be challenges. Nothing ever comes easy. You have to work for it. I dont care if your school is bigger than TP. In my eyes, TP definitely rocks. At least in TP, there are people nicer than you. Who think with their brains and not with their ass. They think before they speak and they dont act like they’re some big fuck like you. I always thought you were a really nice guy. I guess after you graduated your head started to grow bigger that it cant fit your body anymore. The words that come out from your mouth dont go through your thought processors anymore. It’s like you’re a different person now. I guess people change.

Sorry for the long, boring post. I’ll come back with the usual wit and funny stuff another day. Cheers

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