Snip Snip


I went to cut my hair with Liyana today. Woo. My fringe is uber cool.
But I need to get wax so i can make it look obvious. =)
After getting our haircuts we went to Far East Plaza to look out for cool, casual dresses for our ‘prom’.
The reason for the apostrophes is because I would’nt call it a real ‘prom’
I think of it as more of a dinner. A formal dinner. You must think its gonna be held in some fancy hotel right? NOT. It’s at a CC. Oh well. Better than nothing.
Give credits to those who bother coming up with this dinner. And also, give them a chance to live their dream of wearing a little dress and super high heels, and of cos, a reason to wear 5 inch make up and fake lashes.
Surprisingly, I only knew that there was actually a theme for the dinner AFTER i came back from TPRAWKS.
The ironic part is, I am part of the committee… I was called to be in it…
Interesting. But I have to say, kudos to the very original theme. Woo. (You can only imagine my tone and my face when I’m typing this out. Or if you want a clearer picture, meet me, and I’ll show you)

I’m lazy to wear heels. But it’s compulsory. It’s a MUST to wear heels.
I have no choice. Haha. If they wanted me to stand out and be even much more taller than them, they should’ve just asked….
Ok I’m sorry. Err. Looking forward to the formal dinner. I think.

Bowling with the class tmr! Woooooo! This should be funny.
I have never bowled before (Gosh, I Suck. Haha)
So, on saturay was Novia’s birthday. We cut the cake which had mickey mouse and minnie mouse and donald and daisy duck….. And she’s supposed to be 11.
(Wth. I had a friggin rainbow on my birthday cake for my 16th birthday. Which i really loved, btw)
The cake was dope. And the night before that, the friday, Mum, Dad and I were invited to her Pre- birthday dinner at Terminal 2 Swensens. Hence, The picture above which Uncle Fendy took of me when I was eating the ice cream at the restaurant. 1 word- PRICELESS. HAHAHAHA.

if you’re bored, tired, stressed or anything else related to being really dead,
Go to www.veoh.com
And type in “Russell Peters Red, White and Brown”
Click the first video.
Not suitable for the young. Hehehe.

Till the next time I update.


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