“Once you start, I’ll never stop. You asked for it. Xoxo, Tiara S. Dusqie”

You got that right.
So listen up (read up) Mr Sensitive/Emotional/Think so hard
It’s time for me to lay down the cold hard facts.
You wanna cry, cry. I dont give a damn about you. I’m so sick of you and your emotional shit talk.
Sorry for being harsh, but it’s true.

1) You suck at smooth talking. I’m not even one bit smitten by the things you say
2) I’m not interested in you. So leave me alone.
3) Stop tormenting me.
4) Lastly, if you call me Minah/ Kak one more time, I swear the palm of my hand will set up camp on your face

No wonder your girlfriend left you.
You talk shit that doesnt even make sense. And you think its sweet and romantic.
Well, WAKE UP. It’s not.
I really apologise if i’m being really mean.
But this whole thing has gone too far. It’s either i suffer in silence with your boring-ness, or tell you off so i dont feel bored doing what i actually enjoy doing. I dont wanna waste my time with boring, ‘so into love’, emotional, sensitive people like you.

Dont flick my switches, Mister.
Like I said, once you start, I’ll never stop.
You asked for it, Here it is.
Wrapped in a nice parcel with a big huge red ribbon for you.
You just unleashed The Bitch that has been longing to show herself to you.
I guess I’m tired being nice. My happiness is my priority.
And so sorry to say that you’re not in it.
Because your presence, just bores the hell outta me.

Dont say i didnt warn you…
I didnt (:

Tiara S. Dusqie


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