zzz day.

Interesting combination, ain’t it? So, I’m supposed to be extremely sleepy by now since i didnt have a very good sleep last night. However, I dozed off after i got home from the outing today and now I’m pretty much awake. But I’m gonna hit the sack once i finish this post.
I was supposed to accompany Potts to go see her prom dress, but she went to do her hair and that took up alot of time already. So, i ended up having no plans at all- at first. Then Iddy called and asked if i wanted to watch Madagascar 2. Met her at Ehub and we bought our tickets. The dude who served us was kinda cute… Heheh. ^_^v anyhooos. Madagascar 2 was reallllly cutttteee. And some parts were funny. I wont say its a VERY VERY good movie. But if u wanna just slack, its not a really really bad movie (like PS: I love You) or a reallyreallyreally good movie either (Like eagle eye). Its just an OKAY movie. Then I collected the spare phone i sent for repair, and we bus-ed back home on 81. I think i talked a little loud in the bus. but who cares. Lol. It’s a free country…

When i alighted the bus, i saw the Red Rhino parked at the dustbin area at the foot of my block. I kept looking over to see if there were any cute looking guys doing their service for the community… But it was pretty serious cos the fire was in my block O.O the dustbin caught fire. Even Mummy saw our main rubbish chute giving out smoke. And mummy told me someone from our block died. Interesting day, it was. Rather gloomy and very very chilly. I’ve been thinking of sleep all day. It’s those times where I feel like such a pig. I eat so much. And just sleep it off. Or sit down in front of the computer surfing the net.

Enno will be coming to grandma’s hse today!
But Twilight’s not with me yet… Still with Iddy.
Anyway. I need to go of to bed cos I’ve got a check up to go to tmr.
And the damn clinic only opens for 2 and a half hrs -.-
So I’ll be going to the airport with Liyana and have breakfast before the check up.
Heeheee. I like breakfast with my girls.
Must sleeeeeeeeeep.
My bed is calling me.

Ok bye.

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