I Am Extraordinary



I can go out and do nothing.
I can wake up and do nothing.
I can stay at home doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
I’m happy. But I’m still worried about results.
So today, the Cullens and Nabillah went to vivo to shop!
I didnt really do much shopping. But I bought a blous on sale from Forever 21
and knickers from topshop.
So, I’m happy.
Tomorrow, I’ll be accompanying Potts to find her dresssss.
Wah. Go out everyday.
MAMPAT. ahhaha.
I dont really know what to talk about, cos basically nothing interesting happened except for today.

Azryl realised I was using the mineral foundation. Hahahha!
I was embarrassed. Cos I was scared that it was too obvious and cakey.
But Azryl was standing rly close to me, so he cld see that i was using powder.
I dont like it when its obvious.
I get conscious =
But he said i looked good and different, Soooooooo….
Ok. I’m bored. And i have 15 rakaat to Qadak.
So I think I’ll wash up and do that…
And then finish watching Russell Peters, and finish up season 1 of Gossip Girl.
Finally, I’ll start season 2.

And for the record, I’m better. Much much better (:


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