Ok. I admit. I’ve been slacking.

But anyway, Although my heart’s kinda heavy.
I think I’m really doing it this time.
And I appreciate every single soul who has listened to me whine and fall down over and over again.
Thanks to:-

Enn- who has always been there for me whenever i had issues. Everytime i feel like shit, she’ll be online to cheer me up. She’s always there to empower me so I wont feel so down. Telling me that I’ve gone through shit one too many times that I have to just take a break and let go

Afiq- who has been my bestest guy friend ever. Since the beginning. Listening to my pathetic moments, the times i felt like a couldnt carry on and the times he’d knock sense into me

Wahidah- who has always been the darling to tell me its ok to cry sometimes, its gonna be alright if i fall once or twice. the person to remind me that everything will be ok in the end

Mimi- who has always been the kental big brother i never had. Standing up for me whenever I feel really low, or when I feel really hurt. He’ll call to tell me “Dont do this to yourself. You’re so much better. He’s just the fucked up one” Hahaha.

My girls; Farie and Liyana- the ones who make my day EVERYDAY regardless of my embarrassing moments, or my blur moments or the moments when i wasnt myself at all. The ones I bitch with. And the ones whom I enjoy spending time with. And how they actually put up with my Accents that they cant stand. hahahaha.

My guys; Rhel and Yusrin- Rhel, my irritating brother who never fails to get the feeling that I’m not okay and make me feel better. Calls me whenever i feel mad. Haha. And he’ll listen. Everytime (: Yusrin, the irritating dude with the freaky white specs. hahahhaa. Who saved me frm dogs! Woohoo. Lol. AND FOR THE RECORD, I DO NOT LIKE YUSRIN. I LIKE HIM, YES. BUT AS A REALLY GOOD BUDDY.

So yeah. I feel better after I blew up my new balloon.
OH AND THANK GOD FOR STARBUCKS. for drowning my sorrows. Hehe.

Just one more day of a common paper and thats it. I dont have to see him anymore.
I always thought it was a bad thing, but i guess
it’s for the best.
It is a good thing, and it WILL be a good thing.

Just waiting for new school, new friends, new guys to swoon over. HEHEHEHEHE.
And I’ll be fine.

And btw, after i read an article abt an NS guy dying after a motorcycle accident,
Ok. thats all. and thanks vins for the Russell Peters show and the tip to watch avi. videos! πŸ˜€

Alhamdulillah, I’m doing ok. And Wahidah, USTAZAH KIRIM SALAM.

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