My Balloon






The Old, dark balloon was the one I’ve been holding on to.
I told myself I’d let it go.
But everytime i do, I catch it everytime it starts to fly away.
If the wind carries it, I’ll chase after it.
But now, i think I should let go.
Because i can blow up a new balloon.
A new purple balloon,
With smiley faces,
And pretty flowers on it.
With that new balloon, i’ll make new memories.
I’ll go through new experiences and adventures.
But to do that, I must let go of that old balloon.
Cos I’m actually holding on to nothing at all.
It’s just floating up there,
And Somehow i hope and pray it thinks of me too, and how hard I’ve tried to hold on to it,
through it all.
But no.
thats why i refer the dark balloon as nothing at all.
It’s time for a change.

HERE’S where it ends.
Right here. Right now.
I’m letting go.


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