Funniest day of the week

Liyana, Farie and I went to catch High School Musical 3.
Believe it.
No, we didnt go there to swoon at Zac Efron -.-
We went there for a good laugh.
If you’re a fan of cheesy lines,
and cliche moments,
That’s the movie for you.
I got bored. Cos there were songs after songs…
I made it fun for my girls, by spurting out random comments at random moments.
OH. And for the combo of the week, it was A pumpkin head.
YES, POPCORN IN PUMPKIN HEAD. I’ll prove it to you.

So yeah. My girls and I had a good laugh.
After our papers this week, we decided to take a break. Hehe.
Those who want to laugh, watch HSM 3, and bring a person like me to add in the crappyness.
And just so you know, everyone’s happy in the end. Yeah, go different colleges…
But Troy and Gabriella still together….

Okay. I wanna go get my dinner.

Uhhh. k bye


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