Uses of the forest…

As expected, I’m wasting time at home, when I should be studying. That’s why i prefer studying outside.
However, I feel lazy to get up and take a bus down to downtown mac cafe to do my revision.
The weather is not helping. And now I feel sleepy.
Gosh I wanna sleep. Pffffffft.
And i think I need a bigger whiteboard to revise on… Dammit…
But anyhoooos.
Yesterday I felt all bogus again.
Like sensitive. Eeek.
Believe it, I TEARED! While my eyes were closed, that is…

So for yesterday’s english paper 1, I chose the topic on
“Write about an occasion where you could not stop laughing in an inappropriate moment”
Story about this girl who was forced to go to a dinner party.
She hated dressing up, and her mum forced her to wear lipstick, which she also hated.
Reluctantly followed her parents to the wedding.
Got bored by the minute.
Couldnt wait for the damn wedding to end, or at least a moment of entertainment.
Bride and groom went up the stage to cut their cake.
On the way down from the stage, the bride tripped on her gown and came tumbling down the stairs.
That’s not all. She dragged her husband with her.
The girl, stood up from her seat, and started laughing out loudly while banging on the table.
Other people were shocked, and worried for the Bride. But the girl? She laughed.
Everyone stared, so she sat back down.
She covered her mouth to contain her laughter.
Got scolded by her parents, but anyway, it was a good end to a supposedly, boring night.

The end. Well, I didnt write it like that, DUH. Haha. OK I better continue before I dont have any more time.
Bye everyone.
Bye everyone else who have finished their exams!
RAWR. (Afiq’s trademark. AHAH)


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