switch on!

I decided to switch on my writing mode by typing a short post before getting ready for my paper.
Sometimes, some people say stuff out of impulse. Probably because they want to make the other person feel the ‘pain’. I do it too. And I admit, I’ve been living in such a denial that i’m beginning to laugh at myself.

It’s sad to know that some people dont realise that. I hope they do though. They say stuff they dont mean, and end up contradicting themselves. honestly, I feel sorry for them. cos they seem so disorientated that whatever they say doesnt make any sense. First they’re all “OH I’M OVER IT. I HAVE SOMEONE NEW. HEHEH.ILY…” something like that. Wow. Love’s so great… So good… So sweet. blah blah. And then the next day they’re all “What is love? Why is love so cruel? Why is love painful?” blablablablabla. STOP CONTRADICTING YOURSELF. Pick a side, man. you either like love, or hate it. or just remain neutral to it. but please, dont go saying how happy u are with love, and in 16 hrs, you think its a whole lot of bull.

I have to go now. its not much of an expository essay. Haha.


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