sugar rush

For the first time in my life, I studied till 3 am in the morning. Now, although I’ve already showered, I still feel sleepy. I finished re-doing chemistry TYS for the 3rd time already.
I think I’m gonna read some notes after this, and then follow mum and dad to go visiting at my Mum’s friend’s house.
Come back home, and redo the TYS again. (And skip going to granny’s place)
And continue to revise. Maybe rest for awhile.
And probably study till three again.
Cos the chem paper is about 24 hrs away….
It’s at 1430 hrs.
So, I can wake up late after studying till 3.

And after ytd, I realised I’ve accomplished so much, that it’d be ridiculous for me to give up now.
I dont find it a chore to redo my TYS.
I find it easier now.
And heck, I’m wayyyyyy much more confident than I was.
Maybe not fully confident.
But at least more confident than prelims.
I hope my hard work pays off.
Insya Allah.
Till then.

I. Wont. Stop.
I’m gonna go on and on. WHATEVER IT TAKES. to ensure that all my effort for the past 10 years of my life
is paid off.
Heck if i grow white hair.
Heck if i have to drink coffee all night eventho i dont really like it (exception for starbucks and mc cafe)
I’m going on, bitches.

To all O level candidates,
this is it, yo.
Moment of truth.
Kick yourself in the butt even harder,
Stay up a little later,
Sacrifice a little more,
Sacrificing just 3 weeks,
And you’ll get all the time in the world to do whatever u want, for a very very long time.
good luck, study smart, push yourself!

it’s crunch time.



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