Exit 2008

Another chapter closed.
Many things I’ve experienced throughout my years in East Spring.
Sweet moments, happy moments, bitter moments.
Those times where things were so easy and I was living on cloud nine.
And times when the good things turned its back on me, leaving me in pain.
Some days were a breeze, some were just pure bull.
Fights after fights.
Quarrels after quarrels.
Isnt it all part of the whole ride?
The whole journey.

A rollercoaster ride cannot be compared to my years in secondary school.
The people I’ve met, the people I’ve loved, and the people I’ve lost.
In a span of 4 years, I realised who my real friends are.
I realised the true meaning of friendship.
And I got the privilege to experience what it felt like to fall in love, and be in love.
And of course, falling out of love.
I experienced the feeling of being loved by someone special.

I’ve worked with so many people. From different backgrounds.
I’ve worked on many projects planned by the school.
I’ve contributed all that i can give for the school.
Although some may have made me mad, or made me be too strict to some of those whom i have worked with,
It was a good experience.

I’ll never forget my days in secondary school.
It’s true, i guess.
That Secondary school is indeed the best years of your life.

Till we all meet again, Class of 2008.
We graduated.
We survived.
Now let us all run the last lap, and leave with a bang.
Wow the rest of the school with our results.
That, would be a grand exit for us.

Good luck class of ’08.
Work hard, play hard.

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