Serious. Dont waste current.

You see, some people can be so…. How do i put it…
You know you’re guilty, ADMIT IT. You know it’s you, ACCEPT IT.
And sometimes, I dont really like technology, because its the technology that gives people the fake ‘courage’. Sound big behind the screen, typing profanities and vulgarities. Venting your anger, talking like you’re some big fuck.
I admit, I’m guilty of that. Trying to stop it, but habits can only seize over time~

Why Immature?


Why argue when you know you’re wrong?
Why waste time getting your point across when there’s no use for it?
Why muster your courage to speak your side when there’s nothing more to say?

Come on. When you’re wrong already, admit the defeat man.
Stop trying to talk smart and make yourself sound good.
A generalised post, yet again.
Siapa makan chilli, terasa pedas.
Argue? Ahhhhh, I lazy lah.
My blog, my say. Whatever you read, is at your OWN RISK.

Liyana and I got chased by 2 dogs yesterday.
Dogs can go and die.
I was screaming. But smart enough NOT TO RUN.
Liyana ran and the big white dog chased her.
I just stood there, screaming, hoping someone would save me.
First, I thought Farhan was gonna save me.
As soon as he took my hand and brought me to a safer place, he let go of me and one of the mutts came back to haunt me again.
I was still screaming….
And standing there…
I bet all the residents staying at the terraces were laughing at Liyana and my miserability….
Then, Yusrin saved me!
I hooked onto him real tight lah ok.
And the stupid fucking mutt still came chasing after me and Yusrin!
Then Hafizudin was like, “Walk slowly, tiara….. Stop screaming…. Istighfar..!”
By then, Liyana was safe. (Sheesh)
then both of us were shaken.
Had to wash our feet with mud, and water, cos we were scared that the dogs saliva might’ve dropped on our pure legs….
Yusrin accompanied Liyana and I back to my place for me to change while the rest when to Amalina’s house.
Met the rest there.

I have to thank Farhan, and Yusrin for being the real men there.
And Hafizudin for telling us not to run.

The other guys, were just pure bull.
Syed thought it was funny, and was a joke. Laughing away in school cos he saw Liyana and I scream and shout. Getting freaked out.
Talk big, but did he do anything? NO.
At least, Farhan, AS BLUR AS HE IS, bothered to extend a hand out so he could help.
What did you do, huh? LAUGH? is that it? Wow. that made a difference.
Yeah, some funny shit. Looking at us all miserable. “Ohhhh! If i were you I’d kick the dog….”
We’ll see. You were’nt in our shoes, so learn when to shut the fuck up ok.
Still dared to argue with me some more.

such a drama jalan raye man.

Zombie-ed to sch this morning for physics.
Then after that met Farie, Yus and Liyana to study at the airport.
Yusrin, I dont know why, started to be such a darling (eeeee. omg. cant believe i’m saying this)
LOL. I think I’m gaining weight, cos i finished a whole combo of popeyes. O.o
Studied at starbucks.
Got myself a cup of english tea.
Revised Geog.
And then took a bus home. Then Yusrin and I walked back from Liyana’s bus stop.
freaked out a little. hooked my arm to Yusrin’s and started,
“OMG. i So dont need another dog attack… Yussssss. get me outta hereee!”
So he dragged me to the side of the walkway and then we crossed the zebra crossing. I WAS SAFE! Hahhahaha.

Here I am at home. Safe and sound….
With no dogs….


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