Superb. Superb

So. My open house was today.
Food was great.
Company was great. Everything was great.
I met Melissa and Charmaine Toh after 2 years!
Ahhh, Good friends. Good friends.
Pretty pretty Melissa’s in TP’s design school.
I got her number. So maybe next year we cld meet up and have lunch or smth.

After three my pals came. Chit chatted. Forced them to makan. Haaaaaaa.
Talked some more. Watched F1.
All is good.
I loved today.
I wanna blog about something. But Rhel told me not to.
So I’ll just skip that part. But just know that I am very, very upset about it.
Those who came, you know the reason why.
(Middle finger moment)

Breakfast with the girls tmr morning, after which we’ll head down to school to do some math with miss harveen.

I appreciate those who came, and bothered to acknowledge my so called UNPROFESSIONAL invitation, regardless you could come, or couldnt come. Should’ve gotten a card, and posted it or smth…

In any case, it was a happy day. Happy food. Happy people, who know the meaning of being courteous. Cool day.

but there’s one thing i learnt today, i didnt know lifting yr fucking fingers to type a simple sms was so difficult. or typing a number and TALK. Didnt know when we open ouor mouths, gold would drop out. I, for one, love to sms and talk. Dont know about you guys. See you guys whenever.


2 thoughts on “Superb. Superb”

  1. hhehehee. I’m sure you did. Siapa makan chilli rasa pedas. Again, an anonymous, harmless post. Whoever feels the pinch, thats entirely not my fault. Why? Cos what ever I write here is at your own risk. Never forced anyone to read anything here so yeah. SIAPA MAKAN CHILLI TERASA PEDAS.

    Love you tooooo Lil Broooo!

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