Still cant help it…

Ferrari was a disappointment. Fernando Alonso- BRAVO! BRAVO! I think Singapore is some sort of bad feng sui for Ferrari… Hahaha. But anyway. I loved Kimi Raikkonen’s attitude. He kept pushing on and on. Filepe Massa had the wrong attitude. Dont know what happened to the Ferrari crew. But anyway, I’M STILL ON TEAM FERRARI! Lewis Hamilton, handsome as ever… And my latest fetish, KAZUKI NAKAJIMA! That hot 23 year old Japanese dude. Hee. I love F1- PERIOD. And I have to say- I’M PROUD TO BE A SINGAPOREAN. To those who thought the F1 race was a waste of money- SCREW YOU! You have no idea how much revenue Singapore has generated in THREE days. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I want to watch the cars race in Singapore streets Again! heeee!

(Afiq thinks Nakajima looks ugly here. But it was one of the nicest ones i found!)

Lewis Hamilton- Charming as ever

Kimi Raikkonen- The Cool Dude

I officially love F1 cos it makes me happy, and there’s this adrenalin rush. Its really cool how they strategise they’re every move- Like when to refuel and how much to refuel and how to overtake the one in front… Woah. I’m so gonna watch the next race in 2 weeks…

And all this while I thought F1 was damn boring… Now I know what all the fans are talking about….

Seeing Aryssa makes me happier. She’s so little, yet she can make me feel alright. Cradling her in my arms- its like she’s telling me “its ok, Auntie Ra. you’ll be fine” Looking into her eyes, Just makes me feel that I’ll be fine, I’ll be okay. Princess Aniqa makes me smile with her antiques. All is good. Until tmr comes. Where my hell begins, yet again.

My eyes- they burn with the sight.
My heart- it gets ripped apart; over and over again
The agony.
I Will survive….

With the photo of Kazuki Nakajima in my wallet. HA- HA

But seriously. Its a pain to go to school nowadays. If only they had some sort of painkillers.
I’d PAY to get them. But anyway. I just take it as. I’m too different from everyone else, that they’re not used to it. They use it against me. Just because I’m not like all the other chicks out there. Screw it. I’m Indonesian. I love thrill rides. Hardly wear make up. Simple. I love blading. I love swimming. I love soccer. I love F1. I love purple. I love Allah. Religion is important to me. I dont smoke. I love my bushy black eyebrows. When i say something, I mean it. I dont hold vengeance or grudges.

So. yeah. There’re so many things about me that many people dont know. It’s either I never told them, they never realised, or they’re just too self involved to understand the kind of person I really am.


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