With the papers I have gotten so far, I’m relatively shocked and amazed by my improvement. (Except in math. Where i sort of just stayed stagnant O.o) But anyway, I jumped from a D7 to B4 in Accounts, jumped from B3 to A2 for English and B4 to B3 for SS. For math paper 2, I got a 54/100 -.- Usually I’d get 55. Nyeah. What difference does one mark make. Yeah, I know sucky results, could’ve done WAY better…. But hey, I improved. And I’m so thankful for that. I mean, at least i know i’m going somewhere. Alhamdulillah. Berkat Allah swt.

Sucky thing today was, we had chemistry practical at 3.30 .cheesepie. So the girls and i spent an hour and a half rotting away till it was time for us to head dwn to the laboratory. I reluctantly did the experiment. hehehe. I was tired, and sleepy. Well, actually everyone was. Huahuahua. Still not sure whether to head down to the mosque or not. Cos I’m tired. And i need some studying to do. Gahhhh. Graduation is in a month and 2 days. HOW SUCKY IS THAT. pffft. I wonder when our study leave will be…. Handed in the graduation video to miss tay. She told us it was ok, but it needed subtitles. REALLY? WHATEVER. ahahha. Anyway we met the criteria. It wasnt a metal rock song, it didnt have vulgar stuff, it’s decent, AND its no more that 3 mins. teeheee. one of these days, liyana, fariha and i are planning to watch exorcist at my place. L-O-L. We wanted to watch it today, but there was the last minute chemistry practical -.- and anyway, it was M18, so we needed someone with an IC who’s above 18. LOL. I’ll ask dad to rent it for me when the girls decide when they wanna come.

This is probably one of the long posts i’ve written in a few days. I just have nothing else to say. Oh, Kakak Dira is HUGE! I mean. Her tummy is like, REALLY REALLY big. When the new baby arrives i cant call Aniqa Baby anymore. And Kakak sounds so, bleargh. So, I’ve decided to call her Princess ^_^v and i think she likes the idea. Hahahhaa. Tick tock tick tock. Just waiting for Kakak Dira to give birth. Like ANY TIME NOW. teehee. I’m excited. A new niece! Woah. Then Just like Princess Aniqa, Insya Allah, I’ll get to watch her grow to a big, smart girl. And nothing makes me more happier than to make a mark in someone’s life. ehhee. Ok. I better shower and do my prayers. Haaaaaaaaaaa. Nice weather for a nap……….

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