I’m really tempted to go and watch a movie at EHub alone. Like, REALLY tempted. So I was pretty bad this morning. I woke up at 10.30 I usually wake up at 9. Dammit. Yes, as i’m typing this, i have not showered. HEHEHEHE. I wanna catch 4bia. I need some horror for entertainment purposes only. But I dont dare to watch that alone, cos i’d just pee in my pants 😀 Aaaahhh. I’ll think of somethaaaaaang to do. Probably finish 2 chapters again. yay. I can do it. And then I’ll sleep after zohor. NYAH NYAH NYAH. Terawih ytd was dope. There were kids behind me who didnt know the meaning of “SHUT UP, OTHER PEOPLE ARE PRAYING” But i was in a mosque anyway so i just stayed patient. I met Hamzah and Arif (I think. Yah.) I went home with them cos i wanted to know how to get there by taking number 17. So now i can take 2 buses! 3 and 17! YAY! Hahha. ok. I better go and shower. Hehe.

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