After 2 days of slacking. I realised I needed to get my ass off the couch and read some notes. And I did today! Finally. I did a little bit of physics and i looked through and revised 2 chapters of Geog. Just as planned. Alhamdulillah. I’ve been alone at home since 11 in the morning. Cos Embak went to Auntie Eli’s house to help her spring clean. Heee. I’m not sure if i’m going terawih again today. Cos I feel driven to revise another 2 chapters of my syllabus. We’ll see what my mood says. Hahaha

Yesterday i went to terawih with Iddy! We went to Al-Istighfar. And lemme tell u, i was wondering hw i was gonna get home. So, assuming that everyone who comes out of the mosque has a good heart and wont take advantage of me, i randomly walked through the blocks- although i didnt know where the hell i was going. My plan was to walk and find a bus stop and see if there was any bus that led to my house. If i got scared and got lost, my plan B was to flag a cab and ask mummy to come down to pay the cab driver. HAHA. Miraculously, I found a bus stop which had number three! And that stops right in front of my house! YAY! So i took 3 home. And i felt proud of myself ๐Ÿ˜€

In the mosque, I was doing the solat sunat after Solat Isyak. And then there was this donation box behind me. As i was about to stand up to do the 2nd rakaat, I hit the box. I was screaming inside. Hahha. IF i wasnt in a mosque, i’d already be cursing and swearing. LOL. BUt then, i regained my composure and continued praying. And then 2 makciks who were sitting beside me told me to be careful. I thanked them and terawih was about to start. after i said my niat, suddenly the makcik pulled me to the front! I was shocked. All i could say was, “Oh oh. thank you!” and i continued. Hahaha. I think there’s a bruise though. And it hurts =(
Anyhooooos. Enough talk for today. heeee. See you all very ssssooooooon.

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