Happy First Day of Ramadhan, Everyone! :D

I can finish watching the whole of season three. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Finally, I can fast tmr. YYYIPPPPEEEE! πŸ˜€

So everyone should know. Ramadhan is here. It’s time for us all to get closer to Allah. Fill in the gaps with good deeds and pahala. Refrain from talking bad about people, or having grudges against them. Time to let go of the ego thats inside of us, and apologise for our wrongdoings. This holy month is a good time to tighten the bond between all Muslims and all humans alike. Enough of the bickering, and the backstabbing or what not. Let it go. Let bygones be bygones, and start anew. Hold up a hand, to make up for what has been lost. And to those who felt like they have been wronged to, forgive, and forget. And then you ask “But what if it repeats itself?” Well, that, my dear friends, is not for you to decide. If Allah can forgive his people, why can we humans forgive each other? We can only do so much by forgiving. By doing so, we give hope, a chance for those who have made mistakes to repent. If they do repeat their mistakes, then they’ll answer it themselves to Allah. We have already done our part, by forgiving and starting anew.

I know i have wronged many people. I have bitched about many others. I’ve gotten angry and written bad comments before. And with that, i apologise. Nobody’s perfect and everyone makes mistakes. It’s just whether we want to take ownership of it and be the better person by apologising, forgiving and forgetting. Everyone has their own ego. I understand that. Everyone wants to win. But somehow in life, you’ve gotta give in sometimes. Give in to the fact that you’re not always right and give in to the fact that you do make mistakes.

Come, my friends. Lets all stop this nonsense. Stop the “HE BETRAYED US” and “SHE’S SUCH A BITCH” and “I CANT TRUST HIM ANYMORE” etc. And to those who want to make peace, good for you. It’s okay if people dont accept yr apology or yr explanation. Your conscience is clear- you have done your part. So, I urge whoever who comes and reads my blog to make peace with the ones you have wronged, and those who have wronged you. Once, I fought with a classmate. The next day, Eventhough i felt that it wasnt my fault at all, I turned around and apologised for my harsh remarks about him. He apologised too. And now, we’re cool and we can talk like classmates- REAL classmates. So you see. Apologising wont make you less of a man. It makes you a REAL man- a real man who respects others, just they way the want to be respected. If you feel you havent been respecting people, now is the time. What goes around, comes around. Remember that.

Pre dawn meal tmr. Heheh. Goodnight all.
(Gosh. I feel so ustazah-ish. LOL)


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