Guilt trip

Days have been rather interesting. But sometimes, Interesting days come with a price. And my price was, I had to feel a little guilty. It sucked. And it hurt like hell. But you know, shit happens. I have to keep telling myself that I’m not at fault, I’m not the cause. Never was, and never will be. But i just keep picturing me having the ‘bitch’ slapped all over my forehead. and it freaks me out, cos i dont go around making people’s lives miserable. Ok maybe i do, but this one is in a different context. But in any case, I slept it away yesterday night. I wasnt even able to watch a whole episode of criminal minds.

I went to geylang yesterday. Apparently the cast of Cinta Fitri was there too. I was only interested in the guy who acted as Farrell. But i found it sort of FANATIC-ish. And mum scolded me for saying so. She told me an angry mob could just come and attack me with pitchforks or something. Hahaha. So i kept quiet. Then i got really irritated, and it made me want to leave IMMEDIATELY. Believe it; they sang hari raya songs.

Ok maybe some of you may think that it isnt a big deal. But in actual fact, it is a big deal. When you sing hari raya songs BEFORE hari raya itself, It’s like you dont want the holy month of Ramadhan to come. When actually Ramadhan is the month to look forward to. And Ramadhan isnt even here yet! GOSH! But in any case, I survived. And we went home at around 11. Still guilty, i showered. Still guilty, i tried to concentrate watching criminal minds.

And Dad is being really kental-ly irritating cos he’s switching on some music cd and ITS SO DAMN LOUD. he switched on the woofer thing. and now i feel like my house is on vibrate mode. and its irritating ar. pffffffffffffffffffffft. anyhooos. happy puasa-ing people! 😀


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