Cyborg. HAHA

So i went out to meet liyana. We went to catch a movie cos i wanted to utilise mummy’s 2 free tickets which end today. I tried sneaking liyana in for death race, but they didnt allow it. Pffft. So to use the tickets, we watched some LAME ass japanese movie about cyborgs. It was kinda funny at first. and then it got all tactical and futuristic… And 3/4 through the movie, I needed to pee. usually i’d be OKAY. and i’d be able to tahan. but this time, i couldnt take it. my bladder was on the verge of bursting and flood the whole theater. Soon after, Liyana had to pee too. So we were so screwed cos the movie hasnt ended yet. (screams) Whenever we thought it was going to end, it continued. And its continuation was the repeat of the starting of the movie! Cos they wanted to explain about the cyborg… yada yada yada. Honestly, i didnt know what the hell the story was about. LOL. Yes, I needed to pee THAT bad. So finally, the show ended. Just when we thought the exit was near to where we were sitting, it was upstairs -.- we raced up the stairs to get out of the theater cos we really needed to pee. LIKE. REALLY. We ran one whole round of level 9.  And finally we found the toilet. AAHHH. HEAVEN. I’ve never appreciated the toilet until today. And I’ve never realised how important it is to go to the toilet before a movie. sheesh. and to top it all off, our popcorn SUCKED. At least if the popcorn tasted nice we would be distracted by the fact that we urgently needed to pee. But Nooooo. That cute dude who served us the popcorn before we entered the theater gave us popcorn for diabetics. We asked for SWEEEEEEET popcorn. But Noooooo. He thought his cuteness could make the popcorn sweet. The popcorn tasted like crap! It wasnt sweet at all. BASKET. So Liyana and i were practically eating styrofoam nuggets which happen to be yellow in colour. Half way through liyana offered, “Styrofoam?” hahahhaa.

After the lame movie( Which was free anyway….) we went to wisma for awhile to go see some clothes. then the parents called so we left and made our way home. I hate the MRT. really. Everyone doesnt understand the meaning of “DON’T PUSH.” or “WAIT FOR THE NEXT TRAIN” or “CANNOT GO IN READY, THEN DONT GO IN LARH!” Liyana and i were practically pushed, and squeezed over at one of the stations. I think it was at somerset. I have to say I was really pissed off, but then again. What’s the point.  This dude and his girlfriend, DIE DIE want to go in. When actually it’s already so fucking packed ar. Seriously? I mean, if u wanted to get in, THEN SWITCH ON THE KIASU MODE AND GO IN FIRST, DAMMIT. Sorry ar. I know its impolite and not courteous. But sometimes, you gotta do things to get what you want. sheeeesh. And then liyana and i were talking about asking the MRT people to put in air fresheners.

I hate the MRT now. But it saves the environment. So I guess i’ll have to like it. Okay Selamat berpuasa everyone. I still dont like the MRT……


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