post numero dos on 28 August

OK so. I was doing the usuals… Blog hopping. Yeah shut up, i have no life =D Came across funny shit, but I respected it. It was entertaining though. But suprisingly, they’re not that bad… Sheesh. Blogs can make you judge. and judging is not good. tsk tsk. Anyhooos. As i was bloghopping, this issue came to my attention.

More and more people are longing to be skinny. Some, are anorexic. Some, are bulimic. I’m not trying to make a statement here, but some of these people are aquaintances of mine. And believe me when i say, “TIARA IS FUCKING WORRIED FOR YOU PEOPLE!” Dont torture yourselves! Goodness. I know Skinny is the ‘in’ thing. But I’m so skinny, that i look uncannily WEIRD! I wish i had a teeny-weeeny bit more of fat. And some of you are like JUSTTTTT NICE. SWEE SWEE kind. but NOOOO. You’re putting yourself through hell! Gosh. I could cry typing this very important post (to me lah) And besides, When you die, NOBODY’S GONNA CARE IF YOU’RE FAT OR SKINNY. You just Die. and God aint gonna judge you on how fit and skinny you are. IT DOESNT MATTER! I know its good to make yourself look good. But i mean, be realistic. You’re of the perfect size and your weight is acceptable. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT? you know, since you’re torturing yourself. Just g for plastic surgery then. Go for liposuction or something. God gave you food to eat, and to nourish yourselves. When got no food, you complain got no food. when got food, you eat and then throw it all out. It’s so menolak rezeki la ok. Ohhhh. So now fasting month coming, and then you excited lah. Why? Cos no need to eat. Why? Want to lose weight. Wah, like that your reason of fasting for what siot? To lose weight? Or to be closer to Allah in the holy month of Ramadhan? If you want to fast cos want to lose weight? Then i suggest when you wake up for your pre dawn meal, dont niat. What for? Thats not your purpose of fasting anyway. You’re fasting not because its your responsibility as a muslim to do so, but because you want to look good. Gosh. Think about it man. How skinny do you wanna be? You think society wont accept you? TO HELL WITH THEM. You think society is gonna help you get a job? You think society is gonna help you do well in life? You think society can play God and judge you just by how you are on the outside? Lemme tell you, Society are just walking things with eyes that have brains and have thoughts.

Low self esteem? How long have you known yourself? How long has society known you? And you would let people who dont know you judge you. Wow. interesting. COME ON PEOPLE! BE HAPPY WITH WHO YOU AREEEEE! (CRIES) PLEASE. DONT TORTURE YOURSELVES. PLEASE.


4 thoughts on “post numero dos on 28 August”

  1. one — i miss you la! how come i don’t see you online??
    two — i bloghop EVERYDAY! LOL, my form of entertainment in the office
    three — skinny is always the in-thing la since forever. but yeah sey, love yourself. Why torture yourself.

    and you sound angry in the skinny entry. HAHA.

  2. HAHAHA. I got come online whaaaattttttt. Hahahahahahahahaha. NO ar. like, its irritating how some people wanna be super skinny when to me, they look so fine. pfft.

  3. well, i have a typical skinny cheena colleague behind me who claims she’s fat. she told tt to me & my colleague who is double of me.
    so imagine that.

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