Why? Why?

Mrs Lee told me I got a friggin 26/50 for my Human Geog. And today’s physical geog…. WELLLLLL. It sucked. NUTS. And math was okay… Just that i had trouble with question 2, which to people, was simple. It’s ok. Different people have different strengths (: Anyhoos. I was screaming in silence while doing the math paper. Because my period decided to be a bitch. It arrived yesterday. Which means today, THE KILLER CRAMPS ATTACK. I was in pain throughout the 2 h 30 mins paper. And it got better during the geog paper. And it got worse again when i reached home. Now, it’s still sucking the life outta me. Pffffft.

And I only had 3 more days to pay off. THREEEEE. THREEE. But nooooo. STUPID UTERUS DECIDES TO SHED THE LINING NOW. grrrrrr. and i hope and pray its gonna be heavy tomorrow so it wont last long. I hope and pray it’ll end right before Ramadhan starts. So i can welcome Ramadhan. Ah. Muslim people. Fast ar. You all ar. Fast for 12 hours also so difficult. Lazy lah. Tired lah. Thirsty lah. Eh you think I not thirsty ah. Everyone who fast also very thirsty what. Malay paper 1 and 2 tmr. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. BOO to malay pls. I’m gonna start revising POA tonight.

KILLER CRAMPS! KILLER CRAMPS! And this is just menses. Imagine childbirth. I think I’d just faint. LOL.


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