Crap. Now people know the song with me by sum 41. I knew I shouldnt have posted it. GAH. LOL. ok. sorry.
Those who are Sum 41 fans, They’re new album rocks socks! I am not lying.

Wedding tmr. (dreads) but I am looking forward to outshining the bride… But I think I’ve had enough of hatred and negative energy. They are nice people. Just different. Thats all (:

To Abang Zainal:
You twerp. HA HA. I’ve seen you grow from fat to SUPERSKINNNY to having cornrolls on your head to having an afro. yada yada yada… It’s been more than 10 years since I’ve met you. And i have to admit. Sometimes i hate you to the max cos you keep bullying me! grr. But in any case. You’re married now, and i hope more mature… (Which i think is IMPOSSIBLE by the way. Because when you and Mang come together, its madness) Haha. After so long, i think you deserve to me known as my adopted cousin. Hahaha. I still can grow taller than you. SORRY ARH. LOL. you and Mang are the closest i have to brothers so yeah. I appreciate it. Congrats man. May you lead a blissful married life with your wife. ^_^v

To Kak Dina:
Welcome to the family. (Jumps around throwing rice and flowers) Hahaha. I may not know you that well, but Abang zainal is a really nice dude with a good heart, so take care of it okay? Hehehe. Looking forward to more family outings with each other so we can understand each other better. ^_^v

Life is great. But it amazes me how old people, can never let things go. Like. JUST STOP IT CAN? You’re attracting sins to yourself. Just shut up and let it be lah. Walaueh.

Bye all. NIghts


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