It’s All That I Can Say

Ok I’m back. Physics sucked. SIGH. when will i ever succeed in physics! pfffft. Anyhoos. I broke my fast at Eastpoint’s banquet where i had a very healthy dinner. Yong tau foo. No, i never get sick of it. Wanted to get clam chowder soup frm ljs. but after dinner i was already full so i skipped the idea. And then we took a bus home. Slacking. Geog1 and math2 on monday. Chiong ahhhh! Not fasting tomorrow. break lah. LOL. I dont really post much nowadays simply cos i dont know what else to put. everything else seems so boring and gloomy. Boo. I wanted to post up one of the top songs i’m listening to now, but i dont want to let others hear it! HAHAHAHA! Cos its too nice. Maybe later. hardiharhar.

Rocks on socks


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