I feel like crying cos I seem to have misplaced my dearly beloved English file ='( Sigh. It looks like I’ll have to ask Liyana to tell me what are the key points to note for english paper 2 tomorrow. and I MUST photocopy EVERY SINGLE DOCUMENT that is in the file. Thats basically it. My boring days… Suffering… LOL.

Call me slow but i just finished breaking dawn. And nothing makes me more happier than a happy ending.. hee. When i think of it, i want my own edward cullen! So handsome and perfect…. Flawless beautiful skin… A soothing voice that’s likeΒ lullaby to my ears… So smart, witty and calm… Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I want my own edward cullen. But at the same time I still long and hope for my Taylor Lautner…

YAH RIGHT. HAHAHAHA. Since there’s not much to study for tmr’s paper, I shall begin revising physics and abit of maths. yep. 2 killer papers in one day. Can I, BE more blessed? teehee.

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