rocky road.

Call me a geek but I’m into the Olympics shit. I’d have to say that diving and swimming are my favourite events to watch. Oh, and also badminton and table tennis. I’m in a cross between supporting Lin Dan or the Malaysian dude…. Hhhhmmmmmm. Prelims starts on monday. I Am Not Ready. I work well under pressure? I get things done, but i have no idea if it actually goes into my brain. Dont feel like updating too much nowadays. Everything’s so monotonous and boring that there’s nothing to talk about. Same old, same old. Wake up, study, eat, drink water, pray, sleep. And the cycle goes on and on. And in between those- probably 10 laps of swimming or blading to pasir ris.

Sigh. The best thing that happened today was looking at the full moon tonight, AND, my successful attempt to make my first rocky road! I swear, its better than chocolate ice cream. WAY better. teeheee. I amaze myself. Most of the time. My tan lines are pretty obvious, now that i’ve started going swimming regularly. I look interesting. Call me a loner for doing stuff by myself nowadays, but somehow i’m bored of waiting for people and wasting time. Last week, i studied at MacDs alone. And on wednesday i went swimming alone. Had abit of trouble with the locker though…. My mistake. Ha ha. But i did manage to get it open- after i pressed the right button. You see when i swim alone, i’ll get my 10 laps done in 25 mins. If i go with people, I tend to talk more than i swim. And therefore, my visit to the pool totally defeats the purpose of exercising. So i gave up asking for companions to go swimming with.

Okay. Interesting that my post is long tonight. well, RELATIVELY long. Hee.
goodnight nincompoopies.


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