I’m beat. I got kicked out of POA class for not doing 2 questions. I did only one. BUMMER. I dont want to talk about it. I admit my mistakes, and I gladly did the punishment. Until.

I got told off. “I DONT WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE” Calmly, I said “Okay. Fine” And i sat down. Outside. Paid my dues for not completing my homework. But getting told off like that, I do not accept. Anyway, lets skip that part cos i dont want to be accused of defaming my school. I’ll be a good kid and change that negative energy to a positive one ^_^v

After school I did my POA test. Which i screwed up on the 2nd ledger account (DAMMIT) but its ok. I can do it. I think. Tests coming. Essays to write. Online and written homework. My life is pure love. The dry run of the presentation was okay. I LOVE THE VIDEO (With Mdm Noreha in it! Hahaha!) I pretty much have nothing to say. I’m just…. hangin around… waiting for time to pass me by…. and soon it’ll be monday… 4th August…. which means……




WOOHOO! Just a few more days…. 72 more hours…

Everything’s fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.








GOODBYE GREEN TEA! HELLO, TEH SOSRO! (only Available in Indonesia)

HAHA. I cant share with you the taste of Teh Sosro. Only the best. The best everywhere~


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