And for the cherry on top of my already ‘BEYOND BRILLIANT’ day, Granddaddy aint looking too good in the hospital. So that concludes- which grand daughter wont be worried? Screw those who dont care about their grand parents. Mummy came home and she didnt go jogging. Wondered why. Then she told me she was going to SGH with my aunt. I wanted to come along, but i feared that there wouldnt be enough space for me. Anyways, i needed to finish copying my physics notes into my new physics notebook. So I’m sort of alone at home, with my maid. She gets scared when I’m not at home. HAHAHAHA. How cute.

Back to granddaddy. So his leg was like HUGE last sunday. Cos of the diabetes. Something like water retention or somewhere near to that… Went for a check up with my uncle yesterday and he had to be hospitalised. Again, another “DAMMIT” exited my mouth. I thought he was doing okay since his last visit to the hospital. Now, i wish i could fly. Fly and see him over at SGH. Hah. I WISH. sigh.

I pity grandma cos she’ll be sort of alone… And I bet she misses the house too. I mean, she has to stay with my other aunt who lives right across the road (well, across the paya lebar flyover actually). And duh, which wife wouldnt miss the husband right. And anyway, i wanted to come along to see him today cos i needed to get out and go somewhere. see new things. even if its boring old SGH. The place where i was born…. The place where i have to meet that professor to check my backbone. Boo to him. BOO to him. But anyway, its better than getting cooped up here. Bummerrrr.



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