Gloomy day today. At least it was cooler. Played soccer with the girls while watching the guys play rugby. It was a funny sight. especially their ‘cheer’. it was so gay. Sheesh. hahaha. And liyana asked me to tackle her while she was dribbling the ball. AND SHE FELL. I couldnt stop laughing. I know, very mean. But it was funny.

Chemistry and physics practical was fine. My graph didnt look so retarded, and i could identify the substance in chemistry ^^ achievement ok. I sound monotonous. zzzz. Because i am. my revision for poa seem to be going fine. for the test tmr i mean. So, i got home and went online. Enn prompted me and asked if i was doing alright. How sweet of her to have done so ^^ i really appreciate it. I have a life, but i dont know why i wasted 10 mins looking through the net to catch a glimpse of her, whom i was told that was ‘contacting’ him. I did find it. But i couldnt access to it. A huge “DAMMIT” exited my already bitchy mouth. I took one good look at her. I sighed. Why? Not because she’s pretty or like brutally HOT. But because she’s those kind of girls guys nowadays actually fall for. And i have no intention of turning to HER. No. I’m not that lifeless and crazy. I like the way i look, even with the pimples. It makes me special. L-O-L. But i can sense a tad bit of jealousy in this part of the post. Ooh. Tiara’s jealous. Over what? HER PAST. How pathetic. You see its moments like these that weaken me. That sucks up all my inner strength. How i wish they had steroids for moments like these. My hands are itchy to get hold of the letter in the yellow envelope. To re-read it. To remember what i once had. I can almost anticipate my next move. Wait. i CAN anticipate my next move. And then i’ll feel sad. And refuse to talk to my parents. give them the black, sour and long face whenever they ask me if i’m okay. And i’ll lie my way out of it. Putting up a facade, making them think I’m all fine and OKAY. but in actual fact i’m not even near okay. I’m so confused i can almost forget my real name (okay thats a lie. I’m just exaggerating. HAHA). But what i’m trying to say is the confusion is really really bad.

Before i start some sort of crazy mixed up post which is hardly understandable, i should really stop blabbering.

And so, i conclude that,





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