Wanted to jin the health and fitness club after school fr kickboxing. but we didnt bring our PE attire, so liyana and i decided to head down to the expo to check out the library book fair. GOODNESS! there were LOADS of people there. I got rather dizzy. So we went off with NOTHING. And we treated ourselves to starbucks. And All the way frm expo to starbucks, i kept saying starHUB, instead. It was an honest mistake, i swear. hahaha.Β I said starhub for like 5 times or sth -.- how nonsensical. Showed her some videos and we laughed like crazy. And i showed her some pictures of a girl who looked like a guy, and halfway through she asked me to stop, cos it was ‘burning’ her eyes. HA-HA

And so, We Cullens already got our middle names. They are:

Tiara Eva Cullen
Rhel Aiden Cullen
Farie Rose Cullen
Hanna Nadine Cullen
Razeef Whyte (pronounced as WHY-ATT) Cullen
And, Liyana Aurelia Cullen

And we already have our ‘powers’. Well most of us do.

Tiara: The power of healing
Rhel: Manipulate fire
Farie: Power of love and care. Also can play with people’s emotions
Razeef: dont know yet
Hanna: dont know yet
Liyana: something golden. HAHAHAH! or a jellyfish ^^ LOL

Okay, next. Lets choose our cars, people!
Hahahah. I know, we sound nuts. But who the hell cares!
I’m waiting for Afiq to get hooked. Another addition to the Cullen coven? WE SHALL SEE!
Excited for beach cleaning tmr! Woohoo! Family photo! πŸ˜€

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