just regular, old, school

We had a sharing session during malay lesson today. And i realised that behind every ego, every annoyance that can be found in some people, they all have nice hearts and they mean well too. and example would be Helmi. He was told to share his drawing and this is what he came up with.


It might not be clear, but he said he met me in kindergarten. Then he met me again in primary school.. THEN, he met me again in secondary school. HAHAHA. So technically i’ve been his friend for over 10 years! Lol. Nothing much to update these days. There’s nothing more to say.. hahaha. My list of complaints have stopped (So far) And i’ll be updating short posts filled with love and happiness and peace ^^ though i do feel disappointed at some. BUt you know, i did my part. I was using Photoshop yesterday. And they showed me the pictures i’ve editted before. I saw one. And i wondered whatever happened to that person i once knew. he seems different to me now. But oh well, things change. And i cant do anything about it.

Prelim orals tmr. Rocks on socks.


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