Alhamdulillah (:
Anyhoooos. Met Liyana and we went to the National Library. Pretty cool… Tried looking for good books but we couldnt find em. So we explored the area. Interesting… Hahahaha. And then we felt like having a caramel frappe xD marina square mc Cafe it was. indulged in oreo cheesecake. Which later made us feel like puking, but i managed to calm myself (and liyana) by making jokes. AS USUAL. hardiharhar. Then we went to times where we laughed our asses off trying to speak a foreign language- LIKE FRENCH. Handsome in french is “Boh” I’m serious! i tried to have that french accent, but whatever i read just sounded so wrong…. hahahaha. then we walked to city link cos i need to mee mummy at borders. dropped by at mph and parted at the mrt station. met mummy and collected my reserved book. I am very thankful and contented with my parents’ decision to get me the books. ^^ We then met Auntie Anne! She and her becok self, which i really like cos she’s a fun person to talk to! Then we met Daddy at swensens orchard but we decided to dine over at the airport. so the airport we went~ had my dinner (which was scrumptious, by the way) and headed home. read one chapter of eclipse and i forced myself to stop before i wont stop reading for the whole night. So i’ll be supporting the band tmr. Need to wake up early. BOOO. BOOOOOO. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. hahaha.

bye guys.
And i made a mistake in my last post- I love Taylor LAUTNER, not Hautner. Didnt check out the real name. hehe. Paisey2… ^^


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