tiara cullen

I’ve got 5 words to begin my post today;

Mr Ng, Burn In Hell.

Okay. thats that. today was a bore. science practical was okay. i was half dead by chemistry. BOOOOOOO. tmr i’ll be getting my hands on eclipse! HA-HA! the joy that engulfs me………
So we were at the chem lab and we had to switch on our bunsen burners. i switched on fariha’s gas knob, and i started pressing the lighter- in hope for it to light up. It didnt. The whole space smelt like gas. Then after a few tries, guess what? We didnt connect the tube of the bunsen burner to the gas knob -.- like, KENTAL, MUCH! so i laughed. like crazy. as always. (BIG GRIN)

I think I’m in love with Taylor Hautner.
No, not Jacob Black. Just regular Taylor Hautner.
But as always, celebrity crushes are bullshit. HAHA.


there’re these bunch of loonies under the block playing with freakishly small motorcycles which run on gas, and to switch them on u’ll have to pull the string like a motorboat. And its fucking irritating la ok.  and the thing is, their legs are like jutting out, and it looks stupid. and the go round the block with the irritating sound of the FAKE and small motorbike. And it has been going on for like 2 weeks. If they fall, and i happen to be watching them from the balcony, i’d laugh so hard that they’d be able to hear me. I mean, Sorry if u cant get a license cos of some reasons which i dont bother knowing. but you dont have to put other people in the irritated state of mind right? I mean seriously, u want a bike. GO GET A REAL ONE. NOT A FREAKISHLY SMALL, PATHETIC, IRRITATING AND NOISY MOTORISED BIKE, DIMWIT. couldnt u get fined for doing something like that? when u do, tell me. COS I WANT TO LAUGH AT YOUR IMMATURE FACES.


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