Why memories hold our hand but people let go

Wild Wild Wet was awesome! I’ve lived on the east side for 12 years and today was the first time i went to wild wild wet. how lousy. del treated all 6 of us. well, she had the nebo card thingy. which gave some sort of discount. and eka had some coupons to use. so yeah. it was fun. the tsunami was crazy la! i felt as if i was lifted off the slide thingy. And eka kept screaming. And eka and elfa were afraid of the sky rider thingy. u knw like bicycle tht one. lol. she said that was the scariest. hahahahhaa. then we went to the wave pool. and the playground. and the ular-lah (which eka thot was really ohh la la. hahah) and the waterworks where the tunnel was like pitch dark. so when it was dark i was like “Huh? why so dark? alah nvm la. WOOHH WOOOHHH WOOOHHH” hahaha. i was bored of the darkness so i just screamed- for the hell of it. then i saw the light!- at the end of the tunnel. hardiharhar. my tan is some dope shiznit, yo! hahahhaa. i liked today. i didnt like today cos i dno hw to do poa. ok such an oxymoron. haha


so. i felt sleepy by the time i reached home. i forced myself not to doze off. mum came back. and i was still in a daze. then after lazing around for awhile, i went to my room. i picked up my phone- (phone vibrates) right on time? such a coincidence. so checked the sender. it was someone i never expected to send me a message. i was shocked. he asked me out. A part of me just feels like it’s tired of the whole ‘trying to be mean’ thing and just see what he really wants. But another part of me feels like its so hard to trust him. And now he wants me to call. really, i dont know.


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