when flowers gaze at you

I’m reading twilight now. I know- OUTDATED. but in any case, i swear Edward is dreamy. HAR HAR. Lol. And its stupid cos he’s a fictitious character described in a book.

I want that feeling. to have someone to swoon over. to have someone who’ll walk you to classes. to have someone to walk with you to school. to have someone to accompany you out when your friends are busy. (this whole edward cullen thing is driving me crazy. I’m crazy. why? cos i think a fictitious character is dreamy and cute. LOL. i think i need help. PRONTO.hahaa) but thats besides the point.

I’m at home, all the homework done. thankfully. anyway, today on the way home from lab, i had a chat with farie. i tld her i wanted to be a mutant. and we started to talk about x men. lol. and then spiderman. i wanna have super powers. pfft. LOL. school was dry. however, mdm noreha’s impersonation of a figure skater was funny. hiakhiakhiak. lab was interestingly interesting. i did one of the nicest graphs for physics. AND i did my chemistry experiment really fast! (with the help of Mr Teo. He was stressing me la ok) so in the end, i went home a happy child. However, i just didnt feel like talking to anyone at home. even mum. probably home is the only place i can just sit down, be quiet (well. sometimes, like now. usually i’d sing. haha) and think. just think. look out the window and think. listen to old songs (which people nowadays think is ugly and off tune…. BOO to you.) and no one can laugh at me. heeee. I’ll sing ‘making love out of nothing at all’ tmr in school. i’ll make the rain fall. and liyana will be irritated. and jun jie will give me the “tiara siao liao” look. Ahhhhh. The wonders of singing. ok. I’m off to sapedek. and imma get my guitar out and play some tunes before i continue reading twilight.



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