stop and stare

There are times when you get thrown down so bad, That it freezes your soft spot. It immunes you from trusting the person who once played with your feelings. Not even close to trust- just complete not wanting to have a decent conversation. Its like every word that comes out is filled and packed with cold hard anger. Although you know you’re not someone who has those sort of revengeful feelings, you cant help yourself.

Was it wrong for me to have been spiteful? Is it wrong for me to feel that anger? Because i really dont knw. A part of me tells me that i should just let it go. And maybe i should. But then again, i cannot find myself coming into terms with the fact that i was so gullible and to why the person did what he did. Guilty  conscience got to me, so i decided to apologise. It was unfair of me to have been nasty. the least i could have done was to just talk monotonously. It’s over now, but my conscience was clear when i apologised. My ego got the better of me. I feel remorseful for that. I’m sick and tired of making my miserability as an excuse. You know, how i was so gullible, and believed everything. I’ve been talking about Mr Karma. So i should practice it too. What goes around, comes around. So yeah. I should take a break.





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