random post of the day;


some people feel that the world is against them
Some feel that everyone else has no room for sympathy
Some feel that the world suddenly stopped working
But i think- Not really

We can choose whatever we want anything to be
we have the power of choice to make things work
but first we have to start with ourselves
and not put up a sudden surge;

A surge of anger,
a surge of pain
you start screaming out
but nobody comes to your aid

It seemed like nothing good would come your way
And then you tell yourself – “come what may”

Everything happens for a reason,
that you have to understand.
Although it seems screwed up right now
you have to believe that things will mend.

It’s not easy,
its something that will take time
but if you believe in yourself
everything would be fine

This is random,
and its impromtu
I’m sorry if it sucks
but I’ve been brought up to give a helping hand,
even if its to a jerk like you.


Amazing how sympathy can make you create such cheesy things like that lame poem. HAHA. rocks on socks.


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